American, b. 1957

Charlotte Nairn is a painter who works in oil on canvas, but whose preferred medium is monotype prints.

Or that is what she thought!  Now she works with dirt and rocks and gravel.  Yes, she will get back into the studio, but who knows when.  She is obsesses with the lay of the land and the beauty around her.

Whowever, what particularly delights her in the monotype medium is the combination of painterly freedom with the possibilities of luminous color and light afforded by printing on to paper.  She is so stoked on dirt and water and grass and light and color at the moment she can has not been able to get back into the studio!  Just you wait to see what she does next.

and a little blablabla...

Charlotte has had five solo exhibitions at W. M. Brady & Co. in New York, a one person show, SCAPES: MONOTYPES BY CHARLOTTE NAIRN at The Contemporary Museum at First Hawaiian Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, and has been in various solo and group exhibitions in New York and elsewhere.

Charlotte's work has also been used for Big Empty Field's albumn covers.