My true self

The grace of innocence is my guide
The gentleness of truth is my path
The sweetness of joy fills my breath
The passions of my heart reflect the radiance of my soul
I embrace my power
Serenity is my center, my foundation
Trust in the Infinite Wonder is my strength

© Charlotte Nairn 2003

Feel that

I am love
feel that

This is my story
this is my life

Blossoming, ever expanding
ever renewing
ever being reborn

I am one with you
I am one with all that is
let us feel each other
in joy, in wonder, in acceptance

We are all that is
We are love

© Charlotte Nairn 2003

Where is my Soul

Where is my Soul
where in this so-called vessel is it hiding from me
why do you hide
what are you afraid of
of me?
an unlikely assassin

Quiet, quiet this Tower of Babel
and the banging of the drums
or is that my heart?


Are you hiding there?

Connected to all things
to and fro
lapping waves
shiftings sands

Is there no firm ground?
I long for firm ground
to trust
for the confidence to walk on


This perpetual double helix
soul and self
will you ever be reconciled
or doomed to perpetual alienation

You do inform each other
do you not? 
let the information pass unambiguously

© Charlotte Nairn 2002


I am love

It was your tenet
it is your tenet
Remember it

Live it

It lifts you up
it carries you aloft
it sails you high

See it in all you encounter

Rejoice in all you see
rejoice in all those you see
rejoice in everything

It is a living minute

It is now
it is forever
it is always

It is love

Charlotte Nairn, December 2011